3D Riggers 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create character rigs, develop methods to meet the project objectives.  
  • Work along side with the animation team to achieve a creative solution for technical and performace related issues.
  • Develop and maintain rigging tools.
  • Perform extensive rig test to ensure it meets the creative and technical specificiation of the project.
  • Work with in the production pipeline while developing a new rigging techniques.
  • Team player, good communication skills, functional English proficiency.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Minimum of 2 years experience rigging characters in Maya.
  • Knowledge of character kinematics, deformations, and topology.
  • Knowledge of character pipeline and workflow techniques.
  • Scripting experience with Python and Mel.
  • Some knowledge of animation principles, technic and style.
  • Understanding of human and animal anatomy and their movement including thier facial expression and mouth shapes.
  • Modeling experience for generating corrective shapes.
  • Ability to generate tools to facilitate the rigging and simulation pipeline.
  • Understandings of 3D production pipeline.

If you think you are the one, please send us your CV and showreel at careers@incessantrain.com 

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