3D Texture Artist

Job Responsibilities:
• Research reference materials for texturing and shading as per the design.
• Unwrap UV and create textures from different application like photoshop, Substance Painter/
designer, etc.
• Need to create the shading on required engines with different texture passes such as VRAY,
Arnold, Redshift, etc.
• Need to check the shaders by doing a render test on a light rig to make sure they react with
the light as per their attributes.
• Work with team members, team lead, and Asset Supervisor to execute projects on time and

Job Qualifications:
• Minimum 2 years of experience in 3D modeling, texturing and shading.
• Good knowledge on Maya and shading on different engines.
• Good knowledge on UV, textures and surface materials for both hard and soft surface.
• Working knowledge on application such as Photoshop, Substance Painter/ Designer.
• Must have basic modeling and topology knowledge.
• Having a background of fine arts will be a plus.
• Must have basic knowledge on Lighting and its necessary passes.
• Must have knowledge on PBR.

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3D Texture Artist
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