Hair and Fur TD
Job Description:

Hair and Fur Leads are responsible for creating believable hair, fur, and feather grooms for characters. The Lead will be working closely with the CG sups, modeling, rigging and lokkdev team to ensure the best quality work is always being produced. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

Job Responsibilities:
• Generate Hair and fur and feathers set up as required by the show.
• Develop new tools for production as required.
• Work with CG sups and department team to meet the production deadline and quality.
• Work with different 3D departments to ensure the highest quality possible.
• Ability to guide the team to achieve the desired production requirement.
• Attend the dailies and communicate the client's requirement with the team.
• Willingness to take ownership of the team and debug issues throughout the pipeline.
• Good English spoken and writing skills.

Job Qualifications:
• Proven production experience on CG and VFX feature films.
• Strong knowledge and experience in Xgen, Houdini, Yeti and Shave & Haircut.
• Experience in Python development for DCC application.
• Working knowledge of VRAY or other rendering engines like Arnold, Redshift etc.
• Experience of working in cloth and hair & fur simulation.

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Hair and Fur TD
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