MANDALA is an animated short film about the impermanence of things. Once a Mandala is completed, it is brushed away - never to exist again, and in that very act of  desctruction of Mandala, lies the process of renewal. As the Mandala sand is returned to earth, the metaphor for continual flow of life is highlighted. For what is life but a brief moment of beauty - only to be wiped away to create something new.

"Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change."

'Mandala' is an original short film that is precisely based on the above quote. The word 'Mandala means a circle that represents wholeness and signifies interconnectivity of life. There are various Mandala diagrams and each is a tool to teach a different lesson. A 'Kalachakra Mandala' is depicted in the short film.

The animated short film was entitled with many award categories.


WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - Gold Remi Award

Independent Shorts Award - Platinum Award (Best Animation Short)

Independent Shorts Award - Gold Award (Best Original Score)

One-Reeler Short Film Festival - Award of Execellence

Blazing Sun Independent Film Shorts Festival - Poetic Pearl Award

Malibu International Film Festival - Best International Short Award


Utah Film Festival and Awards

New York Animation Film Awards

Austin Micro Short Film Festival

Official Selection:

LA Indie Filmfest

Oregon Short Film Festival

Arizona International Film Festival


Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Los Angeles City International Film festival